Client Story – April 2023

Skylar Stefanowicz and her family are active and love the outdoors. They enjoy biking together, so her Dad modified a regular kids’ bike stroller to pull Skylar. She loves going on rides and her brothers even enjoy pulling her with their bikes. Once Skylar outgrew the bike trailer, the family picked out a bigger model that will last her through adulthood and also converts into a stroller. Skylar’s Elks Nurse, Amanda Davis, contacted Cherished Creations, a charitable organization, to see if they would be able to help with the purchase of the new bike trailer. Fortunately, the Cherished Creations members were holding their annual golf outing, and they chose Skylar to be the recipient of the extra funds raised during their event! Nurse Amanda has also given the family information for the Epilepsy Association and obtained a grant to replace her broken video seizure monitor. These supplies make the family’s activities safer and more enjoyable for all.