Client Story – December 2022

Cindy Reisinger of Perry County has been a client of Elks Home Service Program Nurse Mary Olley since June 2020. Just before Mary’s first meeting with the Reisingers, Cindy’s father, Kevin, had been awarded full custody of her. Kevin spoke with Nurse Mary the following day, and she immediately got to work to help him obtain the necessary equipment for daily living and the management of Cindy’s  Kleefstra Syndrome.

Nurse Mary assisted Kevin with getting ramps installed at his home, a wheelchair, wipes (despite a shortage), and the location of a dental care provider to address Cindy’s specific needs.

A letter received from Kevin:

One of the best things to ever happen to my daughter was being helped by Mary Ollie! Mrs. Ollie has helped with making Cindy’s life a more productive more comfortable life! Mary was instrumental with helping me with issues that arose with my daughter Cindy. Mary’s knowledge of resources and medical affiliated professionals in our area that can provide care for Cindy is truly a blessing.

From finding Cindy a wheelchair and shower chair, to having a part with helping me with wheelchair ramps at my residence, to getting Cindy a case of baby wipes to finding links to medical professionals. A major problem was finding a dentist who works with special needs children.  Mrs. Ollie resourced me to an amazing dental practice that I feel comfortable with that has an outstanding resume with my daughters current dental situation.

To say Mary Ollie is a blessing for my daughter is an understatement!  Mary goes above and beyond helping others!

 Thank you

 Kevin Reisinger & Cynthia Reisinger