Client Story February 2023-Devan Odenbaugh

Devan’s Journey Begins

In 2012, Elks Nurse Karen Smith received a call from April Odenbaugh, mother of then-six-year-old kindergarten
student Devan Odenbaugh. The Odenbaugh family had just moved to Elks County, Pennsylvania from California
state, and Devan was struggling with his schooling. Although receiving accommodations for his early apraxia
diagnosis, Devan continued to experience difficulties in school, and Nurse Karen suspected that further intervention
was needed. After a new evaluation in Pittsburgh, it was determined that Devan is also on the autism spectrum.

Armed with a more thorough understanding of Devan’s needs, Karen and April devised a plan to best help him
succeed. Multiple meetings were held with the school district, and many conversations took place over the course of
this phase. Thankfully, the family and their local school officials were able to come to a mutual agreement, and Devan received reading intervention via an online program paid for by the school. He began to make great strides, advancing in both reading and speech skills.

Inspirational Accomplishment and Growth

Fast forward a decade full of hard work and perseverance, and Devan is a thriving high school student running his
own business! Devan operates Elk Mixed Mediums, where he creates one-of-a-kind pieces from wood, metal, and
3D printing. He has even been awarded the 2022 Veteran’s Visual Art Contest! Congratulations, Devan! We can’t
wait to see what the future holds for you!