Client Story – January 2023

Meet Heather McKee! Heather is a 7-year client of the Home Service Program. Heather lives in Cambria County, where she sees Unit 16 Elks Nurse Carol Przybocki. Nurse Carol has been an advocate for Heather, now 23, since Heather was sixteen years old. 

Through the Home Service Program, Heather is able to improve her skills for daily living, as well as enhance the management of her Asperger’s Syndrome symptoms. Heather and Carol work together to plan goals so that Heather can achieve a greater quality of life and everyday independence. Throughout this process, Carol makes herself available to Heather so that she can offer advice and guidance whenever needed. This continued support means that Heather and her family can feel secure in her progress, knowing that no matter how independent she becomes, help is always within reach. Heather has an ally in Carol, who will be there to cheer for her accomplishments, encourage her through setbacks, and lend an ear through the ups and downs.