Client Story – May 2023, Leslie Dowell

Leslie and Bella


Leslie is an adult living with CP in Lebanon County and has been receiving
assistance from the PA Elks Home Service Program since 2014. Her nurse
Judy Mallozzi communicates with her often via phone because of ongoing
health issues and worked with her to submit rent rebate and LIHEAP
applications during the COVID-19 pandemic. Judy has also advocated for
Leslie to get home repairs to address safety concerns with the landlord.
Leslie also strives for independence and will frequently brainstorm and
plan with Judy for ideas, knowledge, and support.


“I’ve been helped tremendously by Judy and
her services she has provided to me. These
things include but are not limited to home
visits, hospital visits, filling out forms, phone
calls, going to appointments with me as an
advocate as needed. She also led me to the
advisory council I’m part of. She’s a great
advocate and friend. I hope to have the
pleasure of working with her for many more
years and as a true friend for a lifetime.”