Client Story – November 2022

Butler County is home to James Yates, an
adult living with cerebral palsy, bipolar
disorder, and hypothyroidism. James was
referred to us by his family and has been
participating in the Elks Home Service
Program for approximately ten years.

James is appreciative of the support that he
has received from his Elks Nurse Sheila
Beach. Overall, he has experienced an
increase in independence since Sheila
assisted him with finding appropriate
housing and fulfilling employment.

In a November 2020 letter, James wrote:

I have been in their program for 8 years
now. I started with Ricki Hood. I love the
services that have been offered to me.
These services have been beneficial to my
health and well-being. They have helped me
to find housing and helped me move into apartment. Ricki Hood went with me for a

Sheila has helped me to apply for
unemployment through Community Care
Connections (CCC). Sara Sours thru Adult
Day Program and Camp Apple with children.
I worked for Paula cleaning the offices.
Sheila helped me to be on the Committee
for Butler.
Community Care Connections offers a
variety of services that support, and
encourage, my independence every day.