Client Story – September 2023

Salina is 20 years old and has been a client of the Home Service
Program since she was 7! Over the years, Elks Nurse Karen Smith
has provided Salina and her family with many opportunities and has
been a great support system as they have navigated school,
transportation, and life developments.
In her free time, Salina enjoys crafting, handmade cards, diamond
paintings, and listening to music.
Salina’s experience, in her own words:
“I am so thankful for the Elks Home Service Program. Karen’s guidance in my family’s journey with special needs has
been so valuable. I don’t remember this, but I was able to join Karen at the CP Ball many years ago to promote the
difference she has made in my life. I am happy that I can write about my experiences with Karen to help promote this
awesome program now that I am older. Karen has been a huge part of my life for the last 13 years and is continuing to be
a HUGE influence in my life! Back when I was still in school, she would ALWAYS be willing to come to IEP meetings if my
mom needed her to! She was NOT afraid to speak up when she didn’t agree with something the teachers were doing and
still to this day if I need her help, she ISN’T afraid to speak up to whoever it is that I am trying to work with and get things
done! She also helped to make sure I had SAFE transportation to and from school! She ALWAYS was excellent at letting
mom and I know if there was a program out there that she thought I would benefit from, and she would ALWAYS help to
get the ball rolling for that to happen! I am going to be transitioning out of pediatric care and into the adult world! Let
me tell you what: this WHOLE process is VERY overwhelming, at least for me it is! Karen has been great with me! She
knows that change IS NOT one of my favorite things at all, so with that being said I am EXTREMELY thankful that I’ve had
her to talk to during these changes that are going to be taking place VERY soon in my life! She has been there for me
when I’ve just needed to vent about things – she ALWAYS has been willing to talk me through different situations! I am SO
thankful (my mom is probably most likely EXTREMELY thankful) that Karen is still going to be to a HUGE influence in my
life, especially during this transition to age 21! She’s not done with me yet – She is continuing to let my mom and I know
of different services that I am able to get to help me once this transition to adulthood happens!”