Kyle Weaver is a 32-year old man who has been receiving services from the PA Elks Home Service Program for 15 years. Kyle was born with spina bifida, hydrocephalus, and intellectual disabilities. He lives in Hummelstown, PA with his mother and stepdad. Kyle enjoys parties, Special Olympics and ASA racing.

Kyle’s Elks Home Service Nurse, Mary Olley has helped connect him to volunteer programs and other community supports. She helped him obtain a new wheelchair and needed medical supplies. She meets him at community events to walk with him.

Kyle’s mother, Wendy Brown tells us, “The Elks Services have helped my special needs son Kyle with activities and opportunities. They help him out by letting him know how to help other people by doing different activities and volunteering at boxing thing up for the food bank. The Elks also help him get out into the community and learn more about life and have some fun whenever he needs it.

The Elks Nurse comes over and lends him a hand whenever he needs help with paperwork or whatever he needs help with. She is always there for him when he needs her most. We greatly appreciate having their service available to help us. My special needs son enjoys going after his dreams. The Elks have done so much for Kyle by helping him out with information about services that we have now. My special needs son is getting the services he needs to help him survive in this world today.”